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hitachi compressor BSA645DT portable R134A for electric cabinet air conditioner compressor


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hitachi compressor BSA645DT portable R134A for electric cabinet air conditioner compressor

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Product Details
Place of Origin Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name HIGHLY
Model Number BSA645DT-R1EN
Minimum Order Quantity 147 Piece/Pieces
Price US $80 / Pieces | 40 Piece/Pieces (Min. Order)
Packaging Details Plywood
Delivery Time 10-20days
Payment Terms L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability 5000 units per month


Condition New Type Rotary
Configuration Portable Power Source DC Power
Mute Yes Voltage 220V/240/50Hz
Weight 6KG Color Black
High Light

cool room refrigeration compressor

refrigeration compressor for cold room



HIGHLY BSA645DT-R1EN Rotary Compressor dehumidification environmental protection compressor takes R134A refrigerant


BSA645DT-R1EN Dehumidifier refrigeration compressor

Model BSA645DT-R1EN Voltage 230v 50/60 hz
Refrigerant R134A Original Made in China


Product name: Highly Compressor BSA645DT-R1EN

Highly compressor product features:

1. High energy efficiency, saving energy consumption;

2. Low noise and quiet operation;

3. Use environmentally friendly refrigerants to protect the environment;

4. High reliability, long-term reliable operation.

Precautions for use of Highly compressor BSA645DT-R1EN:

1. The installation, maintenance and repair of the compressor must be carried out under the guidance of qualified personnel and operated by professionals;

2. The compressor should be firmly fixed in the packing box, and have moisture-proof and shock-proof measures. Do not put it upside down during storage and transportation, and store it in a well-ventilated warehouse with a relative humidity of not more than 80% and no corrosive gas;

3. Only when the compressor is in use, the sealing rubber plug is allowed to be pulled out. If the plug is found to fall off or loose during storage and transportation, it should be inspected and processed in time before storage.


Constant-speed R134a

(1Φ) 230V 50/60Hz

Senes Model Displacement
Cooling Capacity
Cooling Capacity
Testing Condition
A BSA357DT 3.57 463 1580 1.95 6.5/450 143.0 ASHRAE/T
BSA645DT 6.45 860 2934 2.21 8/450 169.0 ASHRAE/T
D BSD122DT 12.2 1460 4982 2.96 17/400 232.9 ASHRAE/T


common problem:


Question 1: Are the compressors your company sells original compressors?


Answer: We guarantee that the compressors sold by Panasonic, Meizhi, Hitachi, Copeland, Daikin, Sanyo, Danfoss, Embraco, Secop, Tecumseh , and other brand compressors are all 100% brand new original compressors. As a large and professional supplier of air-conditioning maintenance equipment and compressor accessories materials in South China, KUB has independent products and has been committed to serving high-quality factories, engineering and maintenance customers, and has accumulated a good reputation. We attach great importance to our business reputation. .


Question 2: How to judge whether it is an original compressor?


Answer: Whether it is an original compressor can be observed and judged from the following aspects for customers' reference:


1. Price identification: If the price is particularly cheap, you need to choose carefully, and try to buy compressors from regular specialty stores.


2. Surface identification: Most of the refurbished machines are sprayed, so it is difficult for non-professionals to distinguish one or two from the paint, but the original one is smooth and bright, and the sprayed plastic is a bit dark; in addition, identify the wiring from the terminal Terminals are a better way to identify them. No matter how clever the refurbishment technology is, the terminals cannot be changed, and the degree of the old and new terminals of the terminals can be judged.


3. Internal identification: Identified from the movement. Someone asked if the movement cannot be seen. However, the refrigerated oil can always be poured out. The clarity and taste of the refrigerated oil can be distinguished, and it is included in the original machine. Nitrogen maintains pressure, which is also impossible for refurbished machines.


Question 3: Why is the original compressor not covered by the warranty, but the refurbished machine, the second mobile phone, and the offline machine are used for half a year or more?


Answer: This question is a good question, and it is also a question that every customer who buys a compressor must ask. I have been asking this question when I first entered the industry. Why is the original machine expensive and there is no warranty, cheap refurbished machines and second mobile phones? Can the offline machine be used?

The reasons are as follows:


1. The production cost of the original compressor cannot be compared with the second-hand, refurbished, and off-line machines on the market.


2. Basically, electricians, mechanics, etc. operate refrigeration and maintenance. Some people often have no experience and skills, and few are actually certified for work, even if the license holders also have no maintenance experience. The basic analysis of the refrigeration system is indispensable for the following four items: A high and low pressure (compression ratio) B cold coal charge C operating current D compressor superheat.


Excessive deviation of 1 of the above 4 items will inevitably cause compressor loss! If you use a brand new compressor from the original factory, the operation can achieve the above points, and it will take a few years to think that it will be broken after use!


Safety regulations for the use of refrigeration compressors


1 It is strictly forbidden to use oxygen to test the pressure, and it is strictly forbidden to test the pressure with nitrogen without the pressure reducing valve. Some users have experienced this problem during the debugging process. I hope that all dealers will pay attention to it and remind the installer in time to operate in accordance with the operating procedures. .

2 The machine should be installed on a horizontal surface through a shock absorber and fixed. The plane should not vibrate or shake violently.

3 Can not be used in corrosive environment, can not be used in flammable and explosive environment.

4 In order to reduce the moisture in the system during operation, be sure to use a dry filter to absorb moisture, but never use methanol to absorb moisture, because methanol will seriously damage the motor coils and cause the motor to burn. In order to prevent the dirt in the system from entering the compressor, please try to install a suction filter.

5 Please use a vacuum pump to vacuum, and try not to use a compressor to vacuum by yourself.

6 In order to avoid liquid shock operation, please close the suction valve when shutting down for a long time, and turn on the crankshaft heater 3 hours before starting.

7 Never close the exhaust valve when starting the compressor, as this will damage the compressor and present a great danger.

8 The main wiring and thermal protection wiring terminals in the compressor junction box must be sealed and insulated with 704 insulating glue (supplied with accessories) to avoid falling off and excessive frost, which may cause a short circuit when the line touches the line.

9 When the compressor is used outside the range, the compressor life will be shortened. At this time, the superheat should be adjusted, and the compressor should be cooled to make the machine run within the specified range, such as adding a cylinder head to the compressor cylinder. fan.

We could not find any corresponding parameters, please add them to the properties table

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